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Robert Walters ‘Navigating Crisis’ webinars support organisations in leveraging their people to stay connected, resilient and adaptive during periods of uncertainty and market turbulence. Drawing upon our network of experts and industry leaders, we explore how you can drive forward change, all while mitigating the current crisis.

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#MyNextMove| Ace your next video interview

In this #MyNextMove webinar, you will learn how to best market yourself in a video interview, common mistakes, and best practices.

LinkedIn Professional Profile and Your Personal Brand Statement

In this #MyNextMove webinar, you will learn how to create an effective online professional profile using LinkedIn and craft a killer personal brand statement.

How to make your CV stand out webinar

During this webinar we will share tips and insights on how you can transform your CV to boost your employability. We will help you master each area of your CV including length and format, work experience, education, personal information and referees. This webinar will be followed by a Q&A. The #MyNextMove is a virtual careers advice series that contains practical tips on job search, CV’s, interviews and professional development for soon-to-be newly qualified accountants.

Understanding the Future of Work Webinar

Join our expert panel for a glimpse into the crystal ball, to see what the future looks like for workforces, workplaces and work itself.

HR’s role in preparing leaders for the new world of work webinar

HR has a responsibility to create the practices that maintain focus, create connectivity and ensure continuity between the most critical partnership in the world of work: that between the team leader and the team member. Leaders require new and enhanced skills in managing from a distance, motivating employees toward a vision in the midst of ambiguity, providing calm and clarity, aligning work among team members and building community. In this webinar, we will look at the priority areas of leadership HR will need to address as their leaders navigate towards a new normal.

Redefining the Future Business Leader

What does it take to lead and navigate your team or organisation in the new normal we are living in? How does one adapt and operate? Do leadership styles need to evolve? Join our panel discussion to hear more.