Recruiting professionals in a candidate short market


A new whitepaper suggests that many employers do not have a plan for hiring white collar staff in ‘talent short’ markets, despite rising demand and increasingly competitive hiring conditions.

Specialist recruiter Robert Walters, the company behind the report, polled over two hundred employers on their strategies for hiring professionals in short supply. 27% said they were yet to formulate a plan, while another 36% stated they had no intention of doing so.

Many employers were warned that hiring and training freezes implemented during the recession have reduced the ranks of suitably qualified professionals available today, leaving companies at risk of skills gaps.

While heightened demand has generated double-digit pay rises for some professionals - in contrast with a broader pattern of sluggish wage growth – the whitepaper also reveals many are equally drawn to a new job by factors such as a healthy work-life balance, interesting assignments or training opportunities.

Nic Sephton-Poultney, Country Manager at Robert Walters, noted:

“Thanks to an improving economic climate, the ‘dash for talent’ is creating a real headache for employers. In some areas, there is a perception that there are simply not enough qualified candidates to go round."

“However, we know that sensible preparation can help you design changes to mitigate these risks. Reducing the time from interview to offer, for instance, or communicating your organisation’s excellent career progression opportunities, are just two ways of enhancing your ability to make the right hires."

“It also helps to move away from overly rigid hiring criteria. Recruiting professionals who don’t tick all the boxes is sometimes seen as a ‘second best’ option, yet in many cases this is the key to delivering the fresh thinking and innovation that companies so often demand."

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