Nine in ten contractors say hiring should take three weeks or less, survey reveals


  • 95% of contractors expect hiring processes to be wrapped up within three weeks: only 49% of bosses agree
  • 82% of contractors are looking for contracts of six months or longer
  • Disagreement among contractors and hiring managers on why contractors leave early

A new whitepaper advising employers on the value of using contractors shows opinion diverging sharply on how long hiring processes should take.

Based on research by specialist recruiter Robert Walters, the whitepaper illustrates that 95% of contractors believe hiring should be wrapped up within three weeks. However, this view is shared by less than half of employers.

The whitepaper also indicates that contractors are generally more loyal than they are sometimes given credit, with only 34% saying they have left a contract early. And while half of employers believe the main source of this is being offered a higher paying contract elsewhere, only 22% of contractors agree.

For their part, contractors are twice as likely as hiring managers to point to the lack of a clear briefing as reason for breaking a contract. Additionally, a third say that training opportunities are key to keeping them motivated.

Nic Sephton-Poultney, Country Manager at Robert Walters, notes:

“Contractors are sought after for their specialist skill sets, but their preference for hourly or daily salaries means that quick hiring processes are of the essence. A longer recruitment process makes it more likely that competitors will swoop first for top talent, so take steps to reduce hiring times wherever possible.”

“Professionals work as contractor for a number of key reasons – attractive pay levels, a greater range of opportunities and the freedom to determine when and where to work. By understanding what motivates contractors, you will stand a better chance of retaining their services for the full length of their contract.

For further information, or a full copy of the research paper please contact Monique Miller on or +27 (0)11 881 2416

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