Accounting and Finance jobs rise by 7% year-on-year in South Africa

20h July 2017

Figures from the Robert Walters South African Jobs Index, which charts vacancy numbers posted to online platforms, shows demand for accounting and finance professionals has increased. The rise in the number of roles has been largely driven by pressure for businesses to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Lance Maree, Robert Walters Associate Director – South Africa comments:

“Demand has grown steadily for accounting professionals of all levels of seniority across a range of specialisations such as audit, governance, risk and technical accounting.”

Specialist professionals in high demand

Finance professionals that have relevant industry experience continue to be a hiring focus amongst employers to enable seamless integration into the business. Technical skill sets are highly sought after as the need for real data and business intelligence remains integral across all industries.

Lance Maree, Robert Walters Associate Director – South Africa continues:

“Hiring trends for accounting professionals is likely to continue for the second half of 2017 with the required skillset for finance professionals expanded. Finance professionals who can demonstrate a combination of strong technical skills and specific industry experience are preferred by employers.”

Senior equity professionals also in demand

Demand for senior level Employment Equity professionals’ remains. However, hiring senior EE professionals is challenging as there is a very short supply of candidates. Businesses need to be more flexible in their hiring approach, particularly around what is negotiable and what opportunities can be offered for career progression. 

Lance Maree, Robert Walters Associate Director – South Africa concludes:

“One in five hiring managers say they do not have a plan in place and or any intention of developing new strategies for addressing this issue. With many senior equity professionals not willing to move just for money, hiring managers need to revise their hiring strategies to reflect the changing environment and to appeal to a wider range of candidates.”

About the South African Job Index

The Robert Walters South African Job Index tracks job advertisement volumes over leading job boards across the South Africa in sectors such as banking & finance, accounting, legal, and engineering.

Released on a quarterly basis, the report provides an indicative summary of recruitment activity being experienced across major national markets as well as key industry comparisons.

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