Specialist Permanent Recruitment Services

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Our perm consultants are specialists in the fields they recruit for, with strong personal relationships and wide industry networks. That means our candidates can trust our expertise in finding the right role for even the most niche skill sets, and in turn, our clients get the peace of mind that any candidate we put forward will have the right skills for the job.

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Our innovative talent attraction campaigns include:

  • RW Adify

    A tool used to identify and remove any gender bias in your job ad, ensuring it appeals to a diverse talent pool.

  • Microsite

    A dedicated site to house your job ads, employer brand video and information about your organisation. We will manage and produce the content with you so it is reflective of organisation's purpose, values and culture.

  • Digital shortlists

    All of our shortlists can be provided in video format, where candidates are asked select questions about their experience and current situation. You can tailor the questions asked to candidates to find out about specific skillsets, project experience or their motivations to work with your organisation. 96% of our clients use this process, and it reduces time to hire by 63%.

  • Video to showcase your organisation

    Videos on LinkedIn are shared 20x more than written content, and videos in job ads increase applications by 34%. We use video to help engage with a wider audience of professionals and communicate the benefits of working in your organisation. Working with you we can produce employer brand videos, job specific videos and our consultants can do video overviews for your advertised role/s.


  • Digital advertising

    92% of professionals would be open to moving roles, even if not actively looking. Our digital advertising options target both active and passive job seekers to secure talented professionals for your organisation. Using a combination of our extensive local networks and digital advertising options we ensure a cohesive recruitment campaign.

  • Market mapping

    We use our extensive local networks, pairing them with data insights and research to continually assess and map the market. These maps provide us with insight into employer brand perception in the market, job seeker activity and informs targeting of professionals in different talent pools.

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