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The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has meant working professionals and jobseekers have had to adapt to working from home to maintain social distancing. While it's a new and challenging situation for us all, Robert Walters can support employers looking to hire and onboard new talent.

Take a look at our hiring advice on leveraging technology, managing remote teams and embedding new talent into your organisation when hiring and onboarding from your home office.

Remote Onboarding Webinar

While growing your team remotely may be a new concept for many organisations, both hiring and onboarding can be done with the right technologies and organisation in place.

Leading businesses shared their experiences of creating and implementing remote onboarding programmes that keep new employees engaged.

Watch the webinar recording here.

Remote Onboarding: download the e-guide

Is your organisation geared to onboard staff remotely?

Experts at Robert Walters have devised a guide to onboarding your staff from home, to ensure your new recruits can add value and feel they are part of your organisation from the get-go.

From strategies to engage hires during notice periods, leveraging technology for remote onboarding, to mapping out an 'at home' induction, learn key tips for a smooth digital onboarding.

Download the e-guide here.

Help and guidance for effective remote management and onboarding

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The Robert Walters South Africa Half Year Market Update looks at the recruitment trends across various sectors at the halfway point and an outlook at H2.


The Robert Walters South Africa Half Year Market Update looks at the recruitment trends across various sectors at the halfway point and an outlook at H2.

Finance professionals least impacted business function by Covid-19

The finance function was the least negatively hit throughout the pandemic. Find more information in a new research conducted by Robert Walters.

Understanding societal drivers that are changing the finance function

The preference and wishes of finance professionals are changing, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and other social developments. What do they currently find important in their work? Find it out here.

Can job and location be decoupled eguide

The rapid and widespread adoption of telework amidst Covid-19 has raised important questions about the future of work. In this guide, we explore whether jobs and locations can be decoupled if work itself is no longer confined by geographical and physical presence at a fixed time and place.

Redefining the future business leader eguide

The COVID-19 global pandemic is but one of the latest challenges businesses and business leaders have to face in their histories and careers. Even as some sectors take a hit, new industry trends emerge, and bring about new ways of working for companies and stakeholders alike. Through this e-guide, we hope you gain new insights and perspectives on how other business leaders are tackling crises and forging ahead for their organisations.

Stepping Up: A guide for new managers

While some professionals chart their course into management over several years, others may find themselves taking on managerial responsibilities to meet rapidly changing business needs.

Together, employers and employees can create future flexibility

In the space of a few months, flexible working has been extended and expanded for millions of workers across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced employers to radically change the way their people work, with the temporary closure and/or reconfiguration of workplaces.

Curating a workforce for the future

The economic impact of the global pandemic has prompted organisations in every sector to reduce costs and boost productivity, and we will continue to feel the impact of this downturn for decades to come. Our new eguide explores some of the proactive steps that employers can take to build a workforce that can deliver, sustain and consolidate these projects.

Leading in the new era of work

During the pandemic, organisations across the globe have been forced to experiment with a whole range of remote and flexible working arrangements. Just as workforces have had to rapidly adjust, so too have leaders.

Tomorrow’s most in demand skills

The global pandemic has disrupted global markets and changed the face of some industries. At the same time, prompted employers to look at the capabilities their workforces will require in the years ahead.

HR's evolving role as a result of Covid-19

An overview of how HR business partners play a strong role in preparing employees for the different elements that shape the future world of work.

What keeps HR leaders busy in the next phase of the corona pandemic

The weeks in which HR’s main role was focused on crisis communication and the transition to a remote workforce are long behind us, but the impact of the corona pandemic on the HR department is still very apparent.

People First: solidifying and improving your workplace culture during tough climates

Constant disruption and change over long periods can create a sense of extreme instability amongst workers. HR teams need to continue promoting the company culture to make sure that employees will always be put first.

Five essential skills for future proof HR leaders

Covid-19 forced companies to extend more influence to HR for the sake of keeping their business afloat. What skills do HR leaders need to thrive in this new position?

Burning the Candle: Strategies to combat workplace burnout

Today, millions of professionals are part of a global burnout culture. As they try to climb the career ladder, they are faced with more and more messages encouraging them to rise earlier, work harder and even sleep less.

Half Year Market Update 2020 - South Africa

The Robert Walters South Africa Half Year Market Update looks at the recruitment trends across various sectors at the halfway point and an outlook at H2.

Returning to the new world of work: A practical guide for business leaders

Robert Walters surveyed over 2000 global organisations to ask exactly this. We wanted to understand how businesses responded to Covid-19, what they really think about remote working, how they plan to return to the office and - most importantly - what their vision is for the new world of work.

Mental Health and the Remote Workplace: Prioritising the wellbeing of home workers

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Over the course of your life, if you experience mental health problems, your thinking, mood, and behaviour could be affected.

Onboarding remotely: mapping out an employee induction

Are you looking to make the shift to onboarding remotely? In the Robert Walters remote onboarding series, we support employers looking to attract, engage and introduce talent from their homes during turbulent times.

Onboarding remotely: how to support your new hire

How can your new starter access the same level of support from home? In the Robert Walters remote onboarding series, we equip you with the toolset to make the shift to onboarding new talent remotely, overcoming the barriers that come with an absence of human, tangible interactions.
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Why ignoring mental health in the workplace hurts your business

Despite positive strides in the right direction over the last decade, mental health in the workplace continues to be stigmatized. Now more than ever, in the midst of a global pandemic, businesses simply cannot afford to ignore the mental health concerns of their employees.

8 ways to manage your mental health during COVID-19

The Coronavirus is presenting new and unique major challenges. We are navigating unchartered waters with this virus making it important to find new ways to work and interact while also taking care of our mental health and well-being. Here are some practical tips on taking care of your mental health and well-being:

Tech tools to help run a smooth remote hiring process

The remote hiring process provides you with an opportunity to present your employer brand in an engaging way and if managed effectively will create a positive impact on your prospective employees.

Digitising your recruitment process

When you’re looking for new employees, face-to-face meetings tend to be the ultimate decider in whether you will hire someone to join your organisation. However, sometimes face-to-face meetings are not possible, and digitising your recruitment process can provide multiple benefits including speed to market, diversified shortlists and wider reach of employer brand.

Top tips to make a hiring decision without the physical handshake

Creating the right connection with a candidate, as well as assessing their cultural fit and technical capability, is key to making the right hiring decision. But how can you feel confident when making an offer to a candidate that you’ve never met face to face?

How to ‘avoid the awkward’ when conducting an interview on Skype

Creating a comfortable environment for both the candidate and the hiring manager is key to a productive interview, regardless of whether it’s taking place face to face or via Skype. But with a few different factors in the mix (poor internet connectivity to name but a few), how can you ‘avoid the awkward’ when conducting an interview on Skype?

How to manage the hiring process remotely

In the wake of COVID-19 and the fact that many employers are now exercising ‘remote working’, it means that hiring processes are also being completed remotely. Has your organisation planned and prepared for this shift in practice? Follow our top tips to ensure you continue to attract the right talent whilst hiring remotely.

Top 4 HR trends in workplace

The HR Perspective on COVID-19 series, drawn from interviews with leading HR professionals across the Middle East, highlighted key HR trends across multiple industries. Here are the top 4 HR trends from the series.

Top drivers of poor mental health at work

Mental health illnesses may amplify due to the impact of COVID-19. Read here to know more what leaders must take this opportunity to bring empathy into focus.

How to support the wellbeing of your remote team

In the Robert Walters Mental Health and the Remote Workplace series, we explore how you can support your team as we adapt to 'the new normal'.

How to achieve more productivity with your team working at home than the office

Achieving more productivity with your team working at home than the office

How to run effective one to ones meetings over Skype (or other online meeting programmes)

It is important to keep up the team spirit while working remotely. Here are some things you can do to keep your team happy and productive.

How to be a strong leader in challenging times

At some point in working from home, every manager will think about his management style asking himself, “how can I improve the overall performance of my team?”

How to motivate and inspire your WFH team

Working from home is nothing unusual nowadays. Particularly during the corona crisis a lot of companies switched to remote working, even if they have no experience with it. Here are some tips on how you can inspire and motivate your team.

5 tips: How to run effective team meetings online

To find a date where all participants of a meeting have time to be at the same place takes sometimes weeks or months to plan. These next 5 tips will help you to prepare a successful online team meeting.

Remote onboarding: Getting your business remote-ready

It’s important to make sure your business is ‘remote-ready’ to ensure your current team, and any new hires, are supported to make the transition to a home-based working environment. Take a look at your action plan to make your business remote-ready.

Remote onboarding: Plan of approach for the strategic HR department

Despite COVID-19 measures, recruitment and selection procedures continue in many organisations. Here are some useful tips that will help you set up a remote onboarding programme.

Onboarding remotely: Stay connected with your new hire

With all the trepidation that becomes with starting a new position, this can be intensified when beginning remotely. So how can employers keep new talent engaged and enthused about their new role? Learn here how you can keep your new starter connected and embed them into your team remotely.

Onboarding remotely: why should you still invest in talent?

While investing in the right talent is key to business continuity, for many employers, hiring a remote workforce is navigating completely new territory. Find out why it's important to invest in talent now, more than ever.

How to motivate staff in turbulent times

It is essential to keep up the team spirit in turbulent times. Here are some things you can do to keep your team motivated and happy.

The impact of workplace flexibility on productivity, engagement and diversity

Advances in technology, a shift in generation and changes in the way companies do business have driven the need and demand for a new kind of workplace - commonly known as the “smart workplace”.

When should you consider hiring contract staff?

Looking for new staff that can work remotely from the get-go? With a wealth of experience in recruiting for temporary and contract positions for diverse business requirements, Robert Walters takes you through the scenarios where you should consider hiring specialist contractors.

Top tips on how to master Skype interviews

Getting the most out of your video interview. Here are our top tips on how to master your next Skype interviews.

HR initiatives towards COVID-19

How do HR leaders approach the coronavirus in the workplace?

Getting the most out of your on-demand video interview

Mobile hiring solutions is driving the recruitment market. At the forefront of the market’s evolution is one-way or on-demand video interviews. Robert Walters offers top tips on how to get the most out of your on demand video interviews.

Is your business geared up for smart working

Need to gear up your business for smart working? Read our top tips to know more

Why employers shouldn't be reluctant to working from home

Why employers shouldn't be reluctant to work from home? Here are the highlights of the advantages employers can benefit from.

How to effectively manage your staff remotely

It is important to keep up the team spirit while working remotely. Here are some things you can do to keep your team happy and productive.

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