How to manage the interview process effectively

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This whitepaper, the first in our new Insight Series for South Africa, has been created to help employers better understand the interview process and provide insight into how candidates approach interviews and the discrepancies between this and employer perceptions of the process.

Based on the survey responses of 887 job seekers and 136 hiring managers, this whitepaper explores:

  • 80% of organisations provide interview guidelines for hiring managers to follow
  • 86% of job seekers consider the appearance of interviewers to be ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their first impression of a business
  • 32% of job seekers have experienced questions irrelevant to the role or themselves during a job interview
  • 64% of job seekers have been for a job interview and not received any feedback
  • 89% of job seekers would tell others about a poor interview experience

Read this whitepaper, How to Manage the Interview Process Effectively

About the Robert Walters Insight Series

This whitepaper is the first in the Robert Walters South African Insight Series. The Insight Series is a range of thought-leading whitepapers aimed at assisting employers in their recruitment strategies and helping them to address key talent management issues.

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