Engineering new talent pools

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In the face of growing skills shortages, employers who explore untapped sources of talent will be best placed to secure in-demand professionals.

The latest Robert Walters whitepaper, Engineering New Talent Pools to Combat Skills Shortages, identifies new strategies and channels for talent acquisition and explores the ways employers can reach these new sources of talent.

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Based on a survey of over 600 professionals and employers across South Africa, the findings show that 72% of employers have been affected by talent shortages, yet two thirds have no plan in place to address the issue.

"In a market where securing top talent is increasingly competitive, employers cannot afford to neglect all sources of talent," said Nic Sephton-Poultney, Robert Walters Country Manager - South Africa.

Employers that are proactive in exploring new talent pools will be best positioned to hire the most in demand professionals

By exploring new channels for attracting talent, such as international talent pools, engaging with 'passive' candidates and upskilling workers within your own organisation, employers can develop strategies to address the skills shortages in their sectors.

Changing workforce patterns

Many employers consider only those actively seeking work to be part of the available talent pool, but jobseeker behaviour is changing.

Now, 94% of professionals we surveyed would be open to a job offer even if not actively looking, provided they were approached in the right way.

Despite this, 59% of employers have no plan in place to engage with these new 'passive' candidates. 

Accommodating returnees

Employers have the potential to access a wealth of talent among professionals who are ready to return to the workplace after taking a career break yet only 13% have a strategy in place to attract them.

Broadening your recruitment criteria    

Identifying the skills necessary for particular roles rather than searching for a candidate with similar experience will allow employers to develop a workforce with a broad range of backgrounds. Doing so can help develop new opportunities and encourage innovation within the business.

About the Robert Walters Insight Series

This whitepaper is the sixth in the Robert Walters Insight Series. The Insight Series is a range of thought-leading whitepapers aimed at assisting employers in their recruitment strategies and helping them to address key talent management issues.

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