Skill shortages expected to continue in 2016

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A shortage of skills in 2015 meant that positions took longer to fill than in recent years, and we expect to see a similar pattern in 2016.

Industry specific experience will be highly sought after, and we anticipate high levels of demand for candidates who fall within the Employment Equality Act, at mid to senior levels.


IT professionals at all levels are highly sought after for 2016, in industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing.

However, candidates with preferred skill sets will be in short supply, and we expect that hiring managers will struggle to meet their company’s requirements.

2016 Salary Update:

  • Specialists rather than generalists will be in highest demand in 2016.
  • Organisations should place emphasis on offering clear career paths in order to secure the best professionals.
  • Employment Equity candidates will remain in high demand.
  • Organisations will look to hire experienced professionals with local knowledge.
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