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Recruitment consultancies have access to the best jobs in the market with companies of all shapes and sizes, so building a strong relationship with a recruitment consultant can save you a lot of time in your job search and can help you reach a wider range of job opportunities. But how do you get the most from your relationship?

Do you research on the most suitable consultancies for you to approach based on your skill sets and the sector you are focusing your job search on.


Meet your recruitment consultants and be prepared

Most recruitment consultancies will want to meet you face-to-face before putting your CV forward. The initial meeting will be to discuss your reasons for wanting a new job, the type of job opportunities you are interested in and the roles the consultant feels might be appropriate for you. Visit each website to ensure they have the right sort of jobs on offer. This will also enable you to learn about the geographies they cover, ways of working, major clients, registration process and the jobs you might be interested in. Robert Walters has the biggest selection available of jobs in South Africa, and you can start your new job search here.

It is important to be professional, motivated and knowledgeable about your own career path during this initial meeting with the consultant. You need to influence your recruiter and convince them of the benefits you bring and the value you can add to their clients. They need to really believe in you in order to put you forward for a job with one of their clients. This can be done by highlighting your achievements, not just your work experience. You can also write a list of companies that would like to work for and the reasons why. If you want some help with your preparation, you’ll find lot’s of information on our interview tips and advice section.

Know what job you want

If all you know is that you want to change jobs, do some research and have a good think about the type of job you want next. This will not only save time but it will also stop recruitment consultants sending you roles that you are not interested in and will help you to develop a closer working relationship with your consultant. Recruitment consultants want to help you but they can only do this if they have feedback and input from you.

Be in regular contact with your recruitment consultant

Recruitment consultants meet professionals every day so it’s vital that you keep in touch with a weekly phone call or email. They also often host networking events for professionals looking for a new job. If you are invited to one of these types of events, try your best to attend as it not only keeps you at the front of your consultants mind, but it also allows you to find out about the latest market trends and any jobs that are available. Robert Walters has the most up to date recruitment information in the market. To find out more about your sector, go to our employment trends portal.

Keep a diary

Dealing with multiple recruitment consultants can be confusing. To ensure you are making to best impression, keep a diary of the jobs that you apply for. You can record the dates, emails and phone calls that you make too. Managing communications with various recruitment consultants can be overwhelming at times, but keeping track of your job search will help you get the most out of your relationships.

Recruiters are industry specialists

Recruitment consultants are industry specialists and have built close relationships with employers so will be able to tell you about the best jobs available and the types of skills employers are looking for at any given time. When you get an interview, ask specific questions about the interviewer. Your recruitment consultant will know him/her and will therefore be able to give you some pointers about that to expect.

Listen to the advice consultants offer and ask for feedback

Listen to the advice consultants offer. Working with the employers and jobs every day, they have an excellent insight into what roles your experience will suit. Asking for your recruitment consultants feedback can also help you to improve how to present yourself in the future. Recruiters review and asses CVs everyday and know what employers look for, so if you take their constructive criticisms into account you can make your CV is as strong as possible. If you are interviewed, your recruitment consultant will talk to the interviewer about it after it has taken place. Most will call you to discuss the interview further, so make the most of this conversation by asking questions to ensure you get valuable feedback about your performance.

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