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Competency based questions

We explore some of the key tips that can aid you in best preparing to confidently answer competency based questions.

7 common interview questions

Going to an interview gives you a real chance to impress the hiring manager. Find out a number of questions that come up again and again.

Top tips on how to ace an interview

Job interviews can be a stressful and painful process. If you prepare effectively and follow our top tips you will perform better and increase your chances of success.

Company research before interview

Be prepared for any question by doing your research. Here are some best practice tips on how to research potential employers for an interview.

Master Skype interviews

Web-based interviews are on the rise, and candidates need to be comfortable. Here are 6 key tips to be successful.

Excel in behavioural interviews

Behavioural interviews often feel quite different from the traditional interviews you are used to. Top tips to succeed in these interviews.

How to ace an interview

Here's what you need to know for making your job interviews a lot less nerve-wracking and a lot more effective.

Presentation skills for lawyers

Follow these simple steps by Robert Walters legal recruitment team and have the interview audience eating out of the palm of your hand.

Discuss increases in interviews

Many professionals worry about how to discuss salary increases in interviews. Here are some considering points before having the discussion.