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If you are a 3rd year article clerk looking to progress your career locally or internationally register today!

For the 19th year running a team of specialist consultants from the UK, Netherlands, Ireland and South African offices will be meeting soon to be qualified CA’s.  

Dedicated to helping 3rd year article clerks with the next step in their careers, we will be conducting one-to-one meetings with each candidate.

These meetings are an opportunity to discuss your career aspirations with industry specialists from both Commerce and Industry and Financial Services. We will also be providing CV advice where necessary and managing your expectations about life after articles.

We will be conducting informal one-to-one registration meetings across South Africa on the following dates:

  • Johannesburg 14th - 27th August 2019
  • Cape Town 28th - 30th August and 2nd - 3rd September 2019
  • Durban 4th - 6th September 2019

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Candidate testimonials from past Roadshows

“The Robert Walters Roadshow was very informative and gave me a lot to think about leading up to my big move from practice into industry. Overall, I have had a great experience with the team at Robert Walters and would recommend friends and colleagues attend the roadshow as it’s a fantastic opportunity to start a conversation and see whether Robert Walters is able to assist them in achieving their professional goals moving forward”
Charne Marais – Roadshow 2018

“Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Robert Walters, who I believe to be leaders in their field with expert knowledge and deep-rooted relationships with employers. The roadshow was very well organised and gave a professional feel. I met a London based recruiter, who was well-informed in the UK market and provided an introduction to Robert Walters, the roles they recruit for and their clients. I left with a greater understanding of the UK job market as well as my salary expectations.  I would highly recommend Robert Walters to my friends and colleagues.”
Ross Wylie – Roadshow 2018

“I first became aware of Robert Walters during my articles training in Deloitte South Africa in 2013, specifically during a 'roadshow' event. At the time, being unsure of where my career was heading, or if I was going to need career advice in the future, it was my first introduction into the world of life after articles. Overall my experience with Helen and Robert Walters has been nothing short of excellent”
Steven Ross – Roadshow 2015

“The initial meeting in Cape Town at the roadshow was very informative and the advice given was crucial to me securing a job outside of practice in London”
Jason Redman - Roadshow 2017

“I would highly recommend that newly qualified CA(SA)'s get in contact with Helen and Robert Walters if looking to move to London”
Craig Ford – Roadshow 2016 

“Robert Walters has been fantastic from the moment they contacted me in my final year of articles, meeting with me on their annual Roadshow to discuss my move to the UK, the UK market and providing me with a better understanding of the typical roles available to newly-qualified CA (SA)’s. I would highly recommend Robert Walters to anyone who is moving up to the UK.”
Alex Cohen - Roadshow 2018

“I can confidently state that Robert Walter's and the respective consultants were fundamental to the seamless transition into my first position outside of private practice in the United Kingdom”
Mike Kuhn – Roadshow 2016

"I first got acquainted with Robert Walters on the roadshow in Durban where I was given an indication of the opportunities available outside private practice both in SA and the UK job markets, how it works and how Robert Walters could help me. Overall my experience was fantastic, and I have recommended Robert Walters to all of my peers.”
Dino Goncalves – Roadshow 2015 

“The Robert Walters Roadshow first started off with me being greeted by the friendliest people at the Sandton offices. I was given tips on how to better speak about my CV, interview advice, and what my salary expectations should be. This was extremely helpful as the last time I had an interview was 3 years ago just before the start of articles. The Robert Walters Roadshow overall was a great experience! - Nicole de Oliveira – Roadshow 2017

“The moment I stepped into the Robert Walters office in Sandton, I was made to feel totally at ease. Meeting with consultants who were clearly knowledgeable and knew and understood the difficulties and complexities of making a move to the UK, was extremely reassuring. After meeting with the team, I walked out of the offices not only equipped with numerous pamphlets and guides about London; living areas and salary, but more importantly the belief that I could make the move if I partnered with a firm like Robert Walters. The team showed genuine care for me.”
Jonty Tuchten – Roadshow 2017

“Robert Walters is definitely a class operation with dedicated and passionate personnel. Passionate not only for what they do better than anyone else, but for making sure that their clients are comfortable and happy. What is truly amazing is that no matter who picks up the phone at Robert Walters, and whether they have a personal interest in you at all or not, each and every person is always willing to take the time to give you neutral advice, not to benefit themselves, but to help you make the right decision. Great Experience!”
Ashwell Smouse – Roadshow 2015

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