Employers check LinkedIn profiles before hiring

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Over half of hiring managers would research prospective employees on social media sites before hiring, according to the results of the Robert Walters whitepaper ‘Using Social Media in the Recruitment Process’.

As a sales professional you may already use social media routinely in your role, to connect with clients and customers and drive new business.

However, it is important to consider how your social network profiles may impact your chances of securing your next role.

Among job seekers, the whitepaper shows that LinkedIn is seen as the key platform when it comes to job hunting, with 85% of survey respondents holding a LinkedIn profile, more than Facebook (74%) and Twitter (39%).

Both employers and job seekers feel that Facebook and Twitter should be kept for personal interactions, not professional (70% of employers and 85% of job seekers).

Although 39% of hiring managers do not, as a rule, use Facebook and Twitter as part of the recruitment process, 64% say they have viewed a job seeker’s professional social network profile (such as LinkedIn) at some point for this purpose.

Sales professionals are well placed to develop their LinkedIn profiles to not only meet the day-to-day requirements of their job, but also to build a sound professional profile that will make them more attractive to employers.

Join and participate in groups relevant to your industry, share content that demonstrates your understanding and specialism in your area and engage regularly with your network. This will not only help you in your current sales role, but will also showcase your abilities and success to potential employers.

Among job seekers, the whitepaper shows that LinkedIn is seen as the key platform when it comes to job hunting. 

Read the full whitepaper to access the results of the research.

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